We do our own take on known tunes from the 70's to modern hits, with original works in the works! Stay tuned for more to come.

Original Music

As the band formed, Alan began experimenting with some new software and a keyboard, coming up with a groove on a simple chord progression with some percussion. He showed it to Ricardo one afternoon and asked him to jam along with it on the guitar, having only heard it once. Alan happened to record Ricardo's first take on the new song, which became the song itself: First Take.

In 2018, Ricardo experienced a wave of creativity in his studio and in Kauai, suddenly unleashing five new original songs which he presented to the band. Those songs were performed for the first time in 2019 at A Very Taki Tiki in Edmonds and are part of an upcoming work in progress, our first album yet to be named. 

Rumor has it that Mark has a secret vault of songs he has written but never produced. The interrogations have begun...


We find tremendous joy working with other musicians from the Pacific Northwest, especially those who just need the opportunity to perform or the support of a band.

Lauren Hughes Trahan